Saturday, May 23, 2015

Loop the Lake, Duckpunt style!

Tonight I finally met up with my good friend Shawn for an evening on the water at Greenlake, something we have been wanting to do for a long time. I was feeling pretty lazy after a long day of doing chores at home, but a texted query to see if Shawn wanted to get out there tonight returned an emphatic "Fuck yes!" so it was on. We both live within walking distance to the lake, and with his new paddle board and my Duckpunt it was easy to just head down to the lake from opposite ends and meet somewhere in the middle. The wind was light at around 4 knots, perfect for a relaxing sail. Although it was overcast, it was warm enough to enjoy the breeze. This was a great start to another season of sailing The Donkey!

Shawn's view as I come screaming across the all of 5 knots

Good times and big smiles

Sailing The Donkey is such hard work, I may need to take a nap after this

Shawn tried to get a good shot of this Osprey, it was so beautiful staring down at us 

The view from Shawn's gorgeous new paddleboard

Doing a little research for possible stealth camping

What a happy guy! And a wet one...

And another happy guy! The donkey shirt is a tribute to my boat.

It was a super fun evening of being on the water on a beautiful lake with a good friend. Thanks for getting me out there, Shawn!

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